Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dinner and a Quilt

I guess it should be dinner and a movie, but I have not seen any movies lately so a quilt
it is! I have been trying to prepare more vegetarian dinners lately, and last night I made
marinated tofu with sobo noodles. It was so delish! Relatively speaking, it didn't take too
long to prepare either. I'm taking leftovers to work for lunch today.

I finished my quilt last week. Sewing the binding on seemed to take forever but I am really happy with the results. Of course, my cat Tex had to be the first to enjoy it!
I started working on a Zig Zag quilt which will be my next quilt project. I spent Sunday,
and most of Monday cutting out 5 inch blocks. Monday night I started piecing the blocks. It's going to take a while but I am already looking forward to getting it together!
Happy 4 day work week peeps!


Stacy said...

Dinner and a quilt works just as well....

Laura said...

Yes, I think there should be dinner and a quilt at least once a week! :-)