Monday, June 7, 2010

I Heart Zig Zags

I started piecing my zig zag quilt this past weekend. So far, I'm in love. Last weekend I spentseveral hours cutting 5 inch squares out of various fabrics from my stash. This is what my squares look like:

After piecing started yesterday, this is what I had:

So far so good! It's only going to be throw size but my mind is already turning with what to use the other squares for. ;-) Does this happen to you, too? I feel so scattered sometimes when it comes to quilting. Can't. Get. Quilt. Done. Soon. Enough. Always something else lurking in my mind...some other cotton/batting goodness waiting to be created! I'm trying to remind myself to stop and enjoy the process. Deep breath. That's better.

Another yummy thing was the homemade mango and tomato salsa I made on Sunday. Yum!

Summer is in like a lion here in South Florida. Hot and humid. Perfect for staying inside and sewing!

What summer projects are you excited about?


Stacy said...

Looks good! I'm hoping to cut out my dress when I'm home. My mom's counter top is perfect... high and easy on the back.

Laura said...

Love it! Hope you have a great time and get some sewing time in!