Sunday, May 4, 2014

Comings and Goings

Spring spring, happy spring! On a sunny Easter morning I went out to admire the daffodils in the front yard. They are more abundant now and so cheery to look at. I also love the purple violets popping up in the grass.

I've been spending some time playing with mini hexagons, and granny squares! I can't stop making granny squares!  Oh my! It's all because Lori Holt's book Great Granny Squared is so so cute!  If you don't have it yet, I highly recommend it.  Cutting out 2.5 inch squares from my favorite fabrics is so fun! I am working on some things for me, and some things for the shop....coming soon!

The pets are also enjoying the sun. Tex especially. My sunny boy.

I was so excited to learn about the Great Granny Sew Along  and so far have managed to keep up and make the first 2 blocks. I'll be honest, the idea of piecing the basket block and yarn block wasn't initially my cup of tea. But after making both blocks, I am so glad I did. I love the way they turned out!  Weekly blocks are posted on Mondays and you need Lori Holt's book to participate. There's still time to join!

The sweet violet plant is really enjoying her place in the kitchen and keeps blooming for us. I never had much luck with violets in the past. They key I believe is direct sun and not too much water.

What have you been up to?


material pursuit said...

Laura, your projects, photos, and staging are just amazing !!! Especially like the mini hexies in the red gingham jelly jar lid!!!

Laura said...

Thanks Paulette! We save all our Bon Maman jelly jars. They come in handy. I love playing with mini hexies!!