Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Adventures

Last weekend we brought a gardenia plant home, and Tex had to check it out. We get such beautiful sunlight through the living room windows.  I am so very happy we are having such lovely weather...finally!

Over the weekend, my mom and I took a drive out to Rochester to attend the Rochester Lilac Festival. We were a bit disappointed to not see any blooming lilacs. I'm afraid after the long, hard winter and cold temperatures through March, the lilacs have had a slow start.  However, we did see many other lovely blooms!

Tulips, tulips everywhere!

I also enjoyed the cherry blossoms. They were painting the ground pink with their petals.

Ah, the sweet violet. I love these little violets peeping up from the ground.

Wonderful, sunny daffodils.

Lola enjoyed herself, walking through Highland Park.

The magnolia tree in the background was just gorgeous!

It wouldn't be a trip without a stop at a local quilt shop.  The shop had an amazing selection! I splurged on my favorite 1930's prints. These fabrics will make for some fun summer sewing!

Today, I went to the local park to see the ducklings. Oh, they made my day! They are just the cutest, huddled together in the sun.  Momma was close-by and she had her eye on me as I got closer to snap this shot!

There are 14 of them swimming in the pond!

What spring delights are you enjoying??


material pursuit said...

Love your pics of all the pretty flowers!!! Didn't hear about the stop in a quilt shop. Which one???
Happy Spring...

Laura said...

Thanks Paulette! We went to Patricia's Fabric House in East Rochester. It's a great shop!