Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunny Days

Wow. We were blessed with two warm days this weekend. Saturday it was all sun and in the 60's. Today it was closer to 70, some clouds in the morning and then sun all afternoon.  What a treat! 
What's the weather near you? Sadly, good things must come to an end, and come Tuesday there is snow *shudder* in the forecast.  

Today, Lola lapped up some sun on the deck. She was so happy to be out in it.

I spent several hours at the sewing machine working on a custom order, and finishing up some new mug rugs for the shop.  Talk about a treat! I love being able to spend significant chunks of time at the machine.

While I sewed, these two napped. Champion nappers.  I took my down comforter off my bed on Saturday after a couple nights of being much too hot. I bet I just jinxed us for getting more warm weather. Hahaha.  In any case, the cats promptly got to work getting my quilt covered in fur. 

 On Saturday my mom and I went to a local quilt show. The quilts were stunning! It is so inspiring to see such beautiful work at every turn.  This quilt, as you'll see in others, had such amazing applique work. 

Here's a shot of the whole quilt. Simply amazing!

There were many modern quilt designs too. A nice compliment to all the traditional style quilts.  I liked the movement and colors in this one.

More applique on this beauty!  I like the color scheme on this one too.

Now this quilt. It was stunning! And so very large! Had to be king size. As you can tell from the photo, I couldn't even get the entire thing in the frame. I do have a thing for pinwheels!

This was one of my favorites. An art quilt and tribute quilt that the artist made to honor her dad. Not gonna lie, I teared up reading the description.  Her dad fought in WWII, and landed at Normandy. Retired from service in 1970. What a wonderful piece of art, and inspiring too.

 All in all, a wonderful weekend was had. If only they didn't go so fast. Almost time for Call of the Midwife.  I just love that program!

How was your weekend? 

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material pursuit said...

Hey Swing Kitten! Wish I had been there at the quilt show with you & Mom!!! Thanks for sharing the pics. Love those pinwheels too.