Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy Days

Hello! How is October treating you? I can hardly believe that October is already here. But I am looking forward to crisp fall nights, lighting the fire place and the beautiful fall foliage. I do appreciate the rhythm of the seasons.

A few weeks back I entered a contest on Trish's lovely blog Notes of Sincerity.  Trish and her friend Donna, of Donna's Lavender Nest , worked together to give away a super fantastic stack of fat quarters. Two weeks ago I received an email message from Trish that I was the winner! I was over-the-moon excited to receive such a delicious fat quarter set in the mail. Donna did such a lovely job of wrapping too!

 I took the fabric outside for a photo shoot on the grass. Because, you know, who doesn't photograph their fabric on the grass?? ;)

Thank you Donna and Trish!! So far I've spent quite some time just admiring the fabric goodness but I have some ideas in mind. :)

In other news, I simply love Halloween, LOVE. This Halloween decoration I picked up at JoAnn's is quickly becoming my favorite decoration ever. Ever.

I also decided I simply must make a Halloween quilt. To be used all year of course! So far, I have a stack of half square triangles sitting on my cutting mat at home. More on that soon!

Tex and Harry doing what they do best. Sleeping on my quilts.

 Lola looking up at the top of the tree where the squirrels like to tease her. She literally will stand there for 30 minutes looking up at them!

Has anyone made 16 patch blocks before?  I might be late to the party, but these are quite addicting and oh-so-cute. I worked on sewing 8 of them together earlier in the week. This will become a table topper.

 If you're interested, I used this tutorial at HenHouse. Fun stuff!

Alicia at Posie Gets Cosy put her wonderful Christmas ornament kits up for sale today. Never too soon to start planning your crafty goodness for the holidays!

Wow. How many topics did I just cover? I feel like I was all over the place. On that note, bye bye for now and enjoy the weekend!


Karen said...

Lovely post! Must smile at your comment about taking photos of fabric on the grass! Happy October to you :)

Laura said...

Thanks Karen! I do love my fabric ;)

Miki said...

Hi, Laura! My, oh, my, it's been too long since I came visit your blog; I'm sorry about that! I haven't been online much.

I can't believe it's October already either! It's scary how fast time goes by, really.

Congrats on having won and I'm sure you'll make great use of all that fabric :).

Hugs to you and your pets! :p