Monday, September 9, 2013


I enjoy the weekend so much. This past weekend we had a lot of rain on Saturday which made it a good day for doing errands and napping. ;) On Sunday it was a little chilly but a beautiful sunny day. I went outside to snap some pictures of the blooming rose bush. I noticed that a wee little lady bug lives inside the biggest of the roses. Nature at it's best.  The cats and dog enjoyed being outside as well. I took the opportunity to take some pictures since they were captive. ;)  The quilt I made in early 2013 and yesterday was so nice I decided to air it out on the line.

 I'm already counting down the days until Saturday is here again!

How was your weekend?


vintage grey said...

Such sweet photos and your quilt is gorgeous!! Love the stars!! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

material pursuit said...

Laura your photos are fab!!! So glad we had show-n-tell here at the cottage this past Saturday...can't wait to see how your block of the week turns out!!!

Laura said...

Thanks for having us Paulette! It was such a nice time. :) Trying to motivate myself to do this week's block later today when I get home from work. lol