Monday, October 21, 2013

Snapshots from the past

It was a good summer at the flea market. Or should I say season at the flea market, as I made my last visit there yesterday.  It's getting cooler here in the northeast and yesterday morning at the flea market was...dare  I say it, cold.  

I just love collecting and looking at old photos and postcards. I always imagine what the circumstances were surrounding the photos. Was it a special day? What was the occasion? Of course we will likely never know but it is fun to think about.

I bought the photo above yesterday. It was in a box that contained mostly postcards. In fact, though you cannot tell from the photo because I cropped it a bit, the photo is actually a photo postcard. On the back is the name of the photographer, and his location...Crystal beach, Ontario.  Likely a vacation for the two women. I like that they are both smiling, and I detect a family resemblance. Perhaps mother and daughter?

This photo is another favorite. I purchased it over the summer and found it in a large box of photos.  The women are modeling their homemade aprons. I like that at the very bottom of the photo you can see a dusting of snow.

A happy couple. I love the woman's coat. Looks wintry in the photo. My gut says it was taken in the 1920's though we'll never know, as it is not dated.

Who doesn't like a girl and her dog? I also like the woman's hair in the photo.

I really like this sweet girl having a tea party in the rose garden. Just lovely. My paternal grandmother kept a beautiful rose garden.  This photo reminds me of her.

This is an old postcard that I also picked up yesterday. I love the illustration of the beach at Saint-Malo. The post card is unused so I am not sure of the circumstances or date. Perhaps it was purchased as a souvenir. To remember.

I hope you have a great week! Back soon with some sewing updates!

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