Sunday, November 3, 2013


What a pretty day it was today.  After the blustery, and rainy Friday and Saturday, it was definitely colder today but the sun was out.  Tex took advantage of a sunny window. 

I've been working on my quilt blocks for Donna's quilt-a-long. Today was a nice day to hang them on the line for a photo!

The block on the left is week one's block, the center is week 2 and the right is week 3. I'm having such fun stitching these up!

I have been working on these 16 patch blocks for several weeks, but I wasn't sure what to do with them. As of today I had 25 so I decided to sew them all together for a square, baby sized quilt.  I squared them up to 8 inches each, and then sewed them together 5 by 5.

The boys wanted outside today. I let them about for about 5 minutes to explore.

If Harry had his way, he'd be out all the time!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend too! What are you working on lately? 

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material pursuit said...

Laura, your quilt, blocks, and kitties are beauties!!! Love how you hung blocks/quilt outdoors on the clothesline with the colorful pins!!!