Monday, November 12, 2012

Daylight Savings and Some Sewing

The whole getting-dark-early thing is killing me. Not my friend. I am already having a hard time coming home when it's dark out. Typically 5:30 pm feels like 10:30 pm to me. Anybody else having this problem? That being said I am finding I don't have the energy to work on sewing when I get home. This makes me sad. :(

I'm also sad because I am missing Lola. This is a picture my mom took of me and Lola shortly before I moved up to NY. I can hardly believe I have been up here 1 month already!

So. The past 2 weekends I've done a lot of cutting.Rotary cutters are my friend. Unlike daylight savings.

I *finally* got the courage to cut into some of my favorite prints I had been hoarding  saving.
I am trying to adopt the attitude that I shouldn't hold onto my favorite prints because they should be used to make pretties.

Yesterday I stitched up some dresdens. Trying to work on some holiday items for my shop.

I also finally took pictures of this baby sized quilt that I finished when I was still in Florida. It should be listed in my shop tonight! I love the bright colors and how it all came together so well. I'm calling this one Salt Water Taffy.

What have you been working on?
Have a great week!

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