Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This Week

I finished up this table mat. I practiced my free-motion quilting on this mat. Don't look too close! 

 I'm a little obsessed with making table mats! Maybe I should start something else...;)
 I started stitching this little embroidery which can be found as a free download on Amy's blog! I love, love, love the way hers have turned out! And I recently acquired an Easy Dresden ruler to help make the wedges easier that frame the embroidery. If you like hand stitching the run over and check this out!
 I decided that it is time to put the Farmer's Wife quilt top together. Here's a picture of an assortment of my blocks taken on Sunday. I finally sorted through them and decided which I'll use in the quilt. Sadly, some of my blocks turned out slightly smaller than 6 inches (most likely my error!) so I won't be using them in the quilt. I will however use them in a different project. Luckily (?) I have 10 of them that are too small. I'll see what I can come up with.
A small table mat perhaps? ;)

Hope you are all having a splendid week!

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K @ Aurora Blythe said...

I adore your embroidery, Laura! Such a sweet pattern. Checking out your tool now.