Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays and Such

Here I am stitching away on something that was meant to be a Christmas gift but alas, will not be finished for Christmas this year. Like many others, I had to revise my Christmas "to do" list as the holiday neared, and I realized that all things were not going to be finished this year. I'm okay with that. Now some gifts I had started will be done in time for birthdays in 2012. I am now patting myself on the back for being one step ahead on birthday gifts for next year. ;)
I'm also having a great time playing with my feed sack prints and whipping up these mini quilts. Am I the only one, or are minis just awesome?!! I love the instant gratification that comes with making and finishing them.As I was rifling through my vintage papers today I stumbled upon 2 things. The first is a sweet, sweet calendar from 1894 that I acquired at the Long Beach flea market when I was living in California. This is the page for November and December. It is one of my most cherished old items I own. All the illustrations are so charming. Maybe I'll share the other pages in the coming months. :)

The second item is this antique Christmas postcard, likely also bought in California. It may be on the romantic side, but I love to think about days gone by when people would send each other sweet postcards like this one to wish each other well. I also appreciate the sentiment expressed on this particular card. The idea that though we may not have the means to share gifts with everyone we know, the true meaning of Christmas is simply to love and appreciate one another.

I hope everyone is enjoying preparing for the holiday weekend, and I wish you well dear readers!

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jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Laura, i have a few things i have yet to complete too this christmas and i also told myself that it is okay. They will be gifts in 2012! Your mini quilts are so beautiful and i love that gorgeous postcard! I hope your christmas was everthing you wanted it to be! WIshing you a lovely merry happy festive time! Love to you!