Tuesday, December 27, 2011

11 Things

My friend Miki at Miki's Scrapbook tagged me in this fun post. Sadly, I created it yesterday but Blogger wasn't cooperating, and the format got mixed up. So, I have decided to post a modified version of it today. I know it's the holiday season and some peeps are still quite busy so I won't tag anybody. This is more of a get-to-know-me post. Here goes....

11 facts about me

1. I was born in San Francisco. Like Tony Bennett sings, I left my heart there. ;)

2. I have lived in many states including New York, California, Massachusetts and North Carolina. I am currently living in Florida but I hope to change that in 2012!

3. I am currently in the midst of preparing to make a career change. I am in school for Dental Assisting now but have decided that I want to become a dentist.

4. When I was growing up in Northern CA we didn't have a car. Amazing the places one can travel by bus or train.

5. Aside from sewing, quilting, and crocheting I like to bake! I like to bake pies, cakes and cookies. Always a reason to bake a treat, I say. ;)

6. When I was in college many moons ago (for the first time...ha, ha), I majored in French. So I suppose I am bi-lingual.

7. I dream of going to Paris. Someday.

8. One of the best things I ever bought, and one of my biggest purchases to date, is my Bernina sewing machine.

9. I have 2 dear cats, Tex and Harry, and 1 dog, Lola (though the dog really loves my mom best...ha, ha).

10. Three of the most beautiful places I've ever been are: Sedona, AZ, Santa Catalina Island, CA, and Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. I love traveling to new places.

11. I love making new friends!

Now to answer Miki's questions!

1.- What has been your favorite purchase of the year?

My favorite purchase....hmmm. I buy a lot of fabric, does that count? LOL ;)

2.- Is there any brand you're loyal to?

2I am not necessarily into brands but I bought my first MacBook last year, and recently upgraded to an iPhone 4 so I suppose I'm loyal to Apple.

3.- What's the messiest room/area in your house?

Ha, ha. I jokingly call the coffee table in front of the couch "the studio" because it's always covered in embroidery projects, quilting magazines, and sometimes other quilty items with binding waiting to be tacked down. It's an "organized mess". LOL

4.- What book/movie or TV character would you like to be?

Lately, I am really loving Jess on the The New Girl. I think Zooey Deschanel is the bees knees.

5.- Is there a song which perfectly depicts you?

Hmmm....there are many songs I love. Not sure it necessarily depicts me but lately I am really loving Heart of the World by Lady Antebellum.

6.- Can you please name a song you think I don't know? (Thanks! ;))

I know Miki knows so many songs, this one is a toughie! How about what I'm listening to right now:

I Wished on the Moon by Tony Bennett.

7.- Is there anything you'd like to change about you?

I don't think I'd change a thing about me. I am who I am!

8.- Who was your biggest teenage celebrity crush?

This one's easy: Jordan Knight.

9.- Can you link a TV ad you like?

Definitely the Apple Santa commercial that aired this holiday season!


10.- Is there anything you would never do again?

Hmmm...probably go on a cruise. Boats and I don't get along. They make me green ;).

11.- Name something you're proud of (about yourself).

Definitely all my education.

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! I'll be back tomorrow with a post holiday post. :)


Miki's scrapbook said...

Thanks a lot, Laura, for having done this! It was really nice to get to know you more ;). I didn't know the song, hehe ;)! And my in-laws go to Sedona a lot ... Maybe we should join them the next time.

Have a wonderful start to 2012! :D


Laura said...

Thanks Miki! I think you and David should definitely try to make it to Sedona. You won't regret it! ;)

Happy New Year to you both!