Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Last weekend I hopped on a plane and went up to Boston for 2 nights. Though 2 nights are not nearly enough in that glorious city, we made the most of our time there for sure. My friend LD (0n the left in the photo below) met me there from Arizona. We got together with our friend Anne Marie (0n the right) to see Jordan Knight perform. (or as I told the guy at the car rental counter "my teenage dream") :) It was quite the adventure navigating our way from our hotel in Waltham all the way down to New Bedford, MA where the show was. But we found our way there and all was well, and we had a fantastic time!

After the show, LD and I had tickets to an exclusive VIP event with our teenage dream. It was swell. There was a professional photographer there and we'll get those photos in about a week. However, I was lucky enough to grab Jordan for a photo towards the end of the night.

On Sunday, we met up with some other friends in the city and strolled around the public gardens. It was so beautiful! I almost cannot believe how vibrant all the flowers were!
Here in Florida it has been so, so dry for so, so long that we don't see green or flowers like that here. It was quite the treat!
I loved this splendid rose garden with a elaborately shaped shrubbery situated in the middle of the garden.
I am feeling so happy that I had the chance to spend some time with good friends, and take some time away from the routine of my life here in Florida. Though my trip was short, it was much appreciated! I find that I always return from a trip with a refreshed and energized spirit; feeling ready to tackle creative endeavors with new perspective.
I'll end this post with a clip from the concert Saturday night. *sigh* I do love that man.


Miki's scrapbook said...

Hahaha, Laura! I can't believe you've seen him again! Wow! I'm really looking forward to seeing Donnie one day. Hope I can afford the VIP ticket if they ever come back to Cali :/.

And I'd love to go to Boston one day!

Laura said...

Hi Miki!

I know. I love him so. ;) You will get to see Donnie one day! They will def. be back to Cali. Every tour for the past 3 years has had stops in Cali. I hear they are headed overseas Spring 2012 but I bet Summer 2012 there will be some kind of tour in the U.S. :)