Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pre-Turkey Post

What's good peeps? Did the end of November sneak up on us or what? I hope everyone has great plans for the big T-Day. I, for one, will be sewing to my heart's content...with a side of turkey and pie! I've been busy making some things for the shop. I finished some mug rugs, and the squirrel mini quilt from the previous post. I am also working on some more mini quilts that I'm super excited about. Good stuff!

I pulled out my Heather Ross Far, Far Away II fabric to make theses mug rugs. I was saving it for just the right project and I think these fit the bill!

Farmdale by Alexander Henry also makes me happy. :)

See, even Lola's smiling!
Lola got a haircut last Saturday and came home with pretty bows, and started prancing around like a princess.
On Sunday I made some blueberry muffin tops. Yum!
Have a happy Thanksgiving one and all! I'll be back here soon with more crafty goodness.


Beth said...

Mmm, those muffin tops look GOOD! I'm going to sew on my tailcoat all day tomorrow, and then the rest of the weekend is getting the house ready for sale (finally!). I'm looking forward to sewing more than packing! Happy Thanksgiving!

Laura said...

Sewing all day is a good thing!!
Congrats! Have you bought a new house already? That's exciting that
you are moving but the house you live in is so charming. :)

Miki's scrapbook said...

Awe, those mug rugs are beautiful! Are those cookies muffin tops? =O Yummy!

Hey, say hi to Tex and Harry from me and Dimitri, hehe! >*.*<

Laura said...

Thanks Miki! Aw, I'll give Tex and Harry a hug for you. Give Dimitri a kiss for me!