Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Still Here

It may be as quiet as a mouse around here but stuff has been happening! Work has been such a bear this week that my blog time has been non-existent. But last weekend I did manage to make these delightful lemon ricotta cookies. I used Giada De Laurentis' recipe. Yum!
And I got started on a new project for the shop. I hope to make many more of these!Harry and Tex are being cooperative these days...letting me get some secret Christmas sewing done! Can't show those projects yet but I'm happy with how things are going so far. :)
Tex says, "what are you looking at? I'm the king here!" lol


Miki's scrapbook said...

I love that squirrel! Is is part of a quilt? And those cookies look yummy! I could really use a few right now :P.

Harry and Tex are so cute! >*:*<

Hope you have fun this weekend!

Laura said...

Thanks Miki! The squirrel is a mini quilt. Meant to hang on the wall as decoration. But I could do another and incorporate him into a quilt. :)

Cookies were yum! You can find the recipe on foodnetwork dot com


Beth said...

Love the squirrel - someday I'll learn embroidery!

Laura said...

Thanks Beth! I'm digging the way he turned out. You can totally embroider...your sewing skills are off the charts. :)