Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Some wonderful storms have been passing through our part of Florida today making for some fantastic nap time on the couch this afternoon. Both of my cats decided it was also time to curl up for a nap, so they joined me on the couch. I love moments like these. Makes the weekend all the more sweeter.

I took off Thursday and Friday last week from work and it was nice to have an extra long weekend. I made good use of the little bit of extra time and finished the remainder of the quilt blocks I need for my quilt top. On Saturday I sewed all 24 blocks together and got this:

I did not use any particular pattern, or plan. I simply strip pieced 12 inch squares and then chose them at random to sew together. I plan on adding a yellow border to it but for now I am beyond happy with how it turned out! For the photo I turned the top horizontally as to better clip it to the clothelines. I know, we are a no frills photo studio here at Chez Swing Kitten! Hopefully this week one day after work I will have time to put on the border.

Saturday I was pleased as punch to receive 2 vintage purchases in the mail. The first is this oh-so-charming vintage pattern. Just in time for some spring/summer sewing! I plan to sew up the short sleeved version. I purchased this pattern from a great Etsy seller estateofmind.
Great shop and sweet shop owner!
The other fantastic find was a piece of vintage feedsack. It's about 1 1/4 yards in length. Just enough for a sweet summer blouse. I think I have the perfect pattern in mind!

As if the weekend wasn't swell enough, I went to the Sabres vs. Panthers game last night in Sunrise. A great time was had by all and Buffalo took the game. Let's Go Buffalo!


Stacy said...

Love the quilt top!!

Laura said...

Thanks! I am really happy with it. Maybe tonight I'll get the border on...I wish I could be at home working on it today!