Monday, March 15, 2010


Hi peeps! Happy Monday is the new Funday, right?? Right?? Well maybe I'm the only one on board with that concept. I have to admit that getting up today was a *tad* bit tougher then usual. Something about the darkness at 6: 00 am makes me want to snooze.....But I digress.
On this Monday Funday I have a couple confessions to make.

Confession #1 is that I am a *tiny* bit obsessed with those chocolate lave cakes I made last week. I made them again on Saturday night and promptly ate one. Then on Sunday I ate 2. Yum.

Confession #2 is that I secretly, or not so secretly, want to be British. I dream of my own Mr. Darcy emerging from a lake, preferably shirtless, and he says "I like you just as you are". Oh wait, I think that's a different movie, same Mr. Firth. Anywho, I share a love of scones and tea with the British, as well as, lush English countrysides and English manor houses, and Liberty fabric. Do I really have to lead my relatively boring little life here in the U.S.??

Okay, enough of the confessions. For today anyway. I was busy sewing over the weekend and finished my 1972 wrap skirt using my lovely Amy Butler Love fabric. I really like the way it turned out. I used this pattern: ___________________________>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I don't recall where I bought this pattern but it was years ago. I made view 1, without the pockets. I think the skirt has enough going on with
just the wrap and the tie. Sometime soon I'll take a photo of me actually wearing it. Still waiting for the weather to warm up!

I also worked some on my strip pieced quilt. I am slowly plugging along on it. I am hoping to make it full size for my bed. I made blocks 17, 18 and 19 this weekend. I am aiming for 24, twelve inch blocks with a sizeable border.

Hopefully one day inthe not so distant future I will have enough blocks finished to start piecing the front!

Well peeps, I am tired on this Monday Funday night and it's almost time for bed already! I will leave you with my ode to the British.....scones! Hot from the oven. Will make getting out of bed on Tuesday a great time!


Stacy said...

Aww, I love the Brits too! I'm Liberty-ed out with all of my Target purchases.... yay for a great partnership!

Lunch in Paris said...

Hi Laura - Your creations - and your scones - look lovely. The patterns shown in your post remind me of some Art Deco fashion magazines I bought yonks and yonks ago at a book fair in London. Beautiful hand colored illustrations. I've been searching for a way to display them...

Glad you enjoyed the chocolate lava cakes!

Best, EB x