Friday, November 7, 2014


How is it November already?? Sometimes I feel like time is moving way too fast, and I'm not ready for what's next.

A few weeks back we took a drive out to a local apple farm, and out a little further to get pumpkins.  It was quite the brisk day out but we even drove out to the lake. Lola loved it out there!

Just look at all those apples!

 I've been doing some sewing, although not as much as I'd like.  I finished these table toppers a couple weeks ago, and listed them in my shop. I pieced them using all Denyse Schmidt fabrics. They measure 19 inches by 19 inches. I quite like how they turned out!

I also recently purchased Lori Holt's Quilty Fun book and boy is it fun! I used her pattern to piece these apples and whip up a couple mini quilts. One of them is already hanging on my wall. The one below is in my shop.  It measures 11 inches by 13 inches. Yay for apples!

Here in Western New York the temperatures have been getting colder. In fact, it snowed earlier today! Last weekend, though it was quite cold out, the pets lined up on the deck to catch some sun.
I am grateful to have such nice pets!

What have you been up to lately?

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material pursuit said...

Love that you head to Niagara County & Lake Ontario!!!

The new table toppers are wonderful. Your fabrics, especially the Denyse Schmidt's would be perfect for a yo-yo bracelet order I have to work on. Buyer only wants vintage fabrics without much white!!!

Be warm & healthy...