Friday, May 31, 2013

Camera Cozy

So, two days before I left on my vacation I realized that I didn't have a bag for my DSLR, and I was hesitant to just throw it in my carry on tote. Of course I got  a bee in my bonnet  that I needed a scrappy, padded zipper top bag to serve the purpose! Finished at the 11th hour but just in time to take on my trip.

I basically pieced the front and back using various scrap bits from my stash, and then quilted those pieces lightly using some cotton batting I had on hand.

I used a fun cheery print to line it, added a zipper and voila!

I love how it turned out and it's the perfect size. I protected my camera without being to roomy so my camera couldn't move around in transport.

A signature kitty applique graces the front. I couldn't resist!

Last weekend I made a trip to JoAnn to snatch up some of Denyse Schmidt's latest line, Blossom Reel. All the above fabrics are from that line with the exception of the second from the bottom which came from a previously released line but coordinates so nicely with Blossom Reel.  I spared no time cutting into the stack and have already sewed a small quilt top with it! It's so bright and cheery. Love.

In cat news, I think they *may* have forgiven me for taking them to be boarded while I was away. But with temperatures hitting near 90 today, I wish there was a way to make it cooler for them. Thank heavens for a ceiling fan in the living room!

Just did a small shop update yesterday. I plan to sew some more stuff this weekend!

What are your plans for the weekend?


Karen said...

Love the camera cozy! And love love love your new fabrics!

traderslostart said...

Etsy shop?

Uh oh!

There's something not quite right in the URL. Please check for any errors in the address bar and try again.