Friday, November 4, 2011

Good Things

Hellloooo! I haven't deserted the blog, I swear. Life has been busy and time seems to escape me each and every day. It doesn't help that I have been deep in the throes of researching and writing a paper on crown lengthening for school. Riveting. ;)

A few weeks back I entered a give-a-way on dear Trish's blog. I was tickled pink when Trish contacted me and told me I was the winner of this adorable owl candle holder! Trish is a sweetheart. Do stop by and check out her lovely blog and fantastic quilts. :) Thank you Trish!
I have found some sewing time. A *little*. I fell off the FWQAL bandwagon the last couple weeks and made zero blocks. So, this week I squeezed in 2 of them. I believe the one below is called grape basket? I'm too lazy to pull the book out and check the name. ;) LOL
This one, I haven't the foggiest what the name is. Hill and Valley maybe? Oh gosh, I need to write the names down or keep the book nearby!
I also sewed up this mini quilt about a week ago. Now it sits, waiting for a middle, a backing and binding!
I'll leave you with a couple kitty pictures. Here's Harry guarding my stack of Robert Kauffman Kona solids. ;) Found them at Hobby Lobby! Yay!
Tex. Being the lovey that he is.
Enjoy your weekend! Any exciting and/or creative plans??


Miki's scrapbook said...

Hi, Laura! It's nice to see you back here ;)! And thanks a lot for the piece of advice on hair issues ;), hehe.

Congrats on having won that cute owl and hugs to you and your furry pets! Oh, my, Harry is so special, you should address him as Master Harry, haha!

Have a great weekend! ;D


jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Laura, all of us get really busy especially during this time of the year. I totally understand the lack of time for blogging. :) Oh my that candle holder is just so beautiful and i love all your gorgeous patch work especially the grape basket in gorgeous yellow, red ad blue! Beautiful color combination! Oh and your kitty photos make me smile...they are so beautiful. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and a love to you!

notes of sincerity said...

Oh Yay! :o) I am so glad you love your little candle holder and candle. Thanks for you kind words. ;o)
Your blocks are fabulous and I just love the kitties!! :o)
Have a wonderful week!!
Sincerely, Trish