Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh My Stars!

Sorry for the lack of posts around here. School has started and lately my nose has been deep in my dental anatomy books, and going to school 2 full days a week. Thankfully, I've managed to squeak in some sewing time. ;) My newest obsession? Wonky stars!! Oh, how I love making these. This week I cranked out five.
I haven't fully decided what I will make with these. Maybe individual mug rugs? Maybe add a border and turn them into travel embroidery bags? Or piece several together to make a table runner? Oh decisions! ;)
This large one I think I am going to add a border to and make a laptop sleeve out of. In all my spare time. *insert sarcasm here* ;)
Still managing to keep up with the FWQAL. Here we are at Week 6 already! This week I made blocks 13 and 14 which are Buckwheat, on the left, and Butterfly at the Crossroads, on the right.
I'd be lying if I said they were easy peasy. They were quite time consuming and Buckwheat in particular gave me a few headaches. But alas, I am quite thrilled to be learning new piecing skills with this QAL. Good times for sure!
The rainy season has finally started here in Florida. My Dahlia plant is quite loving the rain and the sun. I am ecstatic that she is growing up so nicely, having never tried my hand, err thumb, at gardening. It just may be green after all. My thumb and the plant. ;)
What's good in your world, peeps? Happy Weekend to you!


the fabled needle (jen) said...

Again, I love these blocks! The citrus-y yellow and green, and the buckwheat are my favorites. You've got such a good eye for combining colors and patterns, something I need help with!

Laura said...

Thanks Jen! I have to admit I don't put much thought into choosing fabrics. I tend to go with the first choices I pull from my stash. ;)

I am loving the vintage-y blouses and dresses you've been sewing. You have super talent for it! :)


Miki's scrapbook said...

Awe, I love the most colorful ones!

Have a fun day! Hugs!


jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet laura, you really have very good eye candy for gorgeous selection of fabrics! These blocks are so beautiful and the colors just go so well with each other. I am looking forward to your dahlia bloom! Love to you!