Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is it just me, or is anyone else excited for fall? Maybe it's just because I live in Florida where the temperatures are sky high. But I am craving some relief by way of cooler temps and looking forward to eating all manner of things pumpkin! That being said, I stitched up this embroidery bag in some fall-ish colors and I am absolutely loving it!
*note adorable pumpkin/Halloween cross stitch sticking out of the bag that I started last year and will finish for this Halloween. Oops. * ;)

I lined the bag with some Castle Peeps by Lizzy House. I love it!
Thinking I may have to make some more of these....
I'm trudging along here with the FWQAL. Here we are at week 8 already! Wow!
This week's blocks are #18 Century of Progress on the left, and #17 Cats and Mice on the right.
Century of Progress wasn't near as difficult as I expected. I really like how it turned out too!

This weekend I got away for 1 night to Orlando. I met a good friend there so we could indulge and see out favorite boy band in concert. It was the best time! Here's some eye candy for you!
My most favorite boy band member ever in the history of boy bands, Jordan Knight. I snapped this photo myself and could hardly believe my luck to get so many great shots of him.
Here's another shot of my friend Susan (on the left) and me on the right at said boy band's after party. It was a blast! I came home tired in the best way possible.
Now on to school for the week and more sewing!

What did you do this weekend?


Miki's scrapbook said...

Oh, I hate cold weather :(. I wish it were summer all year long! And what's funny about California is that at night it cools down and I'm always cold! :O Haha.

Oh, my, Laura! Did you see NKOTB again? You're so lucky! They played here a few weeks ago, I believe, David asked if I wanted to go, but honestly, I wanted the whole VIP package or nothing :(. Those tickets had sold out last year! :O I hope I have a chance to meet them one day ...

Have a fun week! And, oh, you look adorable in the last pic! ;)



Laura said...

Hi Miki!
Yep, I saw them again. I'm a little bit of a super fan. ;)
You should totally see them if you have a chance. They certainly put on a great show! I've done several VIP meet and greets and the tickets usually go on sale about 6 months prior to the tour. I Love All Access is the company that handles them. Hopefully we'll get another tour of them, so you should have a chance to meet them!

Have a great week!

Laura :)

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet laura, i can't believe how time flies and it's almost fall! I am loving your gorgeous patch work bag! So pretty! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend and i love that photo of you and your lovely friend. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!