Saturday, June 11, 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt- A-long

I did it! I jumped in head first, err, rotary cutter first, and joined the #fwqal.
I received the book as a gift for Christmas and it has been sitting languishing on the shelf until now. The quilt-a-long is just what I needed. A swift kick in the pants to stop sitting and get sewing! Peeps are already all over it. Check out the flickr link above if you feel so inclined.

The goal of the quilt-a-along as I understand it, is to sew 2 blocks a week until we've completed all 111 blocks. That's a huge amount of blocks! But it seems doable if you do it in small increments.
I also love that the blocks are only 6 inches by 6 inches so you can use up scraps and fabric from your stash! Yay for stash busting!
So what do you say? Care to join? ;)


Anonymous said...

I love these blocks and the fact you are using your scraps! I should have done that too but I had these fatquarters since Jan. just waiting for the right project!
Love reading these ladies stories too.

Laura said...

Hi Jeannie,
Thanks for stopping by! I love your blocks too! I won't be using all scraps but will be sticking to the fabrics I already own. new fabric purchases. LOL ;)


Anonymous said...

That's a good plan! I'm trying to stick to what I have on hand too till I can use up some fabric.

Jennifer said...

Love your blocks they have a really nice retro feel! Thanks for the encouragement, I'm very new to sewing and quilting :)