Monday, April 11, 2011

Finished Objects

I bought a new point and shoot Nikon recently and it needed a cozy cover so last night while catching the first installment of the new Upstairs Downstairs on PBS, I crocheted one! It's quite snug but I think it turned out great. I made one another one a couple years ago but I chained 2 stitches too many, and with the give of the yarn, my other Nikon easily slides in and out. Not so good for protecting the camera! This pink one is good. The program was good too! Something to tide me over while waiting for Downton Abbey to come back.

I wanted to make a small quilt to hang in my bedroom, and surprisingly finished this one in about a week. This is a record for me! ;) I used a tutorial that Aneela posted on her blog to make some loops out of embroidery floss to attach to the back to facilitate hanging. Nifty!
I used half of my one and only Hunky Dory charm pack to make this small quilt, and a table topper that I plan on listing in my shop. More to come on the table topper!
Here it is hanging on my bedroom wall with a couple mini quilts I made last year. Success!
Thanks peeps for stopping by! What are you excited about this week?


Stacy said...

Nice mini quilt! The colors are great. And I like the camera cover.

Laura said...

Thanks friend. :) I think I decided to call it a camera cozy ;-) Like a tea cozy, but not. ;)

Miki's scrapbook said...

Oh, you're so skillful with your hands! I'm jealous :).

Congrats on your new camera! Yay! :p

Have a nice weekend, Laura! And hugs to your pets! ;)