Sunday, April 17, 2011

Be Still My Heart!

Is it really true? Denise Schmidt designed fabric for Joann's?? Yes! And it's beautiful, and the quality is good! I only found about it by pure luck when bopping around blog land on Friday night. Saturday morning I had to make a dash to Joann's to scoop it up while it lasts!

The woman at the cutting table asked me "What are you going to make with all your half yards?" All I could think was,"What's not to make?!" I replied, "Oh, a quilt maybe..."
I think for now I'll just admire it, and hold on to it till inspiration strikes. ;)

On the craft table, I've got bunnies, and kitties and starfish, oh my! Working on some new things for my shop, and some things I was asked to donate for a raffle at a local event sponsored by the Humane Society. More to come!
Tex just loves sleeping in this box! He was looking awfully cozy on Saturday when I snapped this picture.

How's you weekend going, peeps?


Stacy said...

My JoAnn's didn't have it. Great disappointment. :-( Have fun with yours.

Miki's scrapbook said...

The fabric you bought looks great! And so does the figures you've cut! :p.

Tex looks so freaking cute! Hugs to you both! And have a nice week! ;)

Laura said...

Stacy, that's a huge bummer! :( Maybe they'll still get it in. It's really so new still.

Andy said...

My Joann's last time I went in had like no fabric. I am not sure if they are getting more in, but it would be nice to see some decent stuff for a while. I do want to work on a quilt, but I never can find what I like :p I definitely need to visit them though, or some where... crocheting little burgundy coasters, going to trim them with fabric when I am done:)

Laura said...

Andy, your coaster project sounds like a fun one! That's a great idea to combine yarn and fabric. Don't despair about fabric choices though! That's what all those great online fabric sellers are for! ;)