Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Is Coming...

I can hardly believe it is almost here! Been busy as a bee making some gifts and got some sent out today. Now on to the next gift on the list!

I found this fantastic vintage postcard on Etsy and just had to have it. It's a Victorian postcard sent from a department store advertising new items for the holidays. I love the poodle!
In between gift making I made these Christmas ornaments for the tree. They are a test run as I was testing an idea I had in my head for a while. I am happy with how they turned out!

Today, Lola and I went to see Santa. It's just not Christmas without a photo with Santa. :)

Now back to White Christmas on TV and some cocoa while I crochet.

Hope everyone is getting gifts made, and whatever shopping you need is also winding down.
I'll have to wait till after Christmas to post about the gifts I made! My Christmas gift to myself is going to be *finally* starting my Pickledish quilt.

Happy weekend!

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