Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It Was Lovely

I went to Buffalo with my mom to visit some family and attend a cousin's baby shower. It was so lovely up there. We had perfect weather and it was such a welcomed relief after all the heat we have had in Florida. Highs were in the mid sixties by day...in the fifties at night. I actually wore a fleece! Gasp!

While there we hit up a couple estate sales and I scored three lovely vintage items. My favorite is the dachsund. He was with 3 others and they were all made in Germany. Sadly I just didn't have enough room to bring back all 3, so only this one made it with me. As we all know flying isn't what it used to be and all these fragile lovelies had to be packed and brought as a carry on. Luckily they made it unscathed! The violet cup is bone china, made in England. Not sure what I'll use it for yet. The rooster is also very cute and matches somewhat a vintage rooster planter that I got when I was living in LA. The trip wouldn't be complete without a visit to a LYS! I bought 6 hanks of this alpaca/wool blend in a yummy fall color to make a cardigan. I am finally making headway on a sweater that I started 2 years ago. I'll post photos soon. It's the Millie cardigan by Alicia Paulson. Anyway, after that cardigan I'll start my new one using the yarn above.

So, the baby shower was hosted by a friend of the family who lives in this lovely farmhouse
out in Wilson, NY. She has pumpkins growing in her garden. Pumpkins people, pumpkins! It put me over the edge. I was so giddy at the sight of all things fall like, as Florida is lacking in all things fall.
Plus, there were all these kittens running around. I think I was in heaven. Nothing compares to kitten love. To me anyway. All soft, and squishy. They purred and purred. Momma cat was nice too but a little skittish. This white & gray baby captured my heart. Sigh.
I whipped up a crochet hat and sweater for my cousin's little one. As the photo probably dictates, she's having a baby boy in December-ish. I really loved all the handmade gifts she received. In addition to what I made, 2 of her friends crocheted some other items including a sweater and booties. I appreciate that so many peeps are still making by hand.
I took this photo as we were getting ready to leave. It's one of my favorites. That's my aunt and cousin standing to the left of the tree with 2 younger shower guests. If I close my eyes I can still picture being there. A perfect afternoon.

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