Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For All You Poodle Lovers...

....I made a poodle totebag! I took a vintage poodle transfer pattern, traced it with a pencil on to tracing paper, then I copied it with a transfer pen onto regular white copy paper, and then ironed the design on to a piece of white linen. I quickly decided that this poodle should be none other then the color pink!

So here she sits, framed by patchwork squares. Sewn together with other patchwork squares to make the back, and voila! A poodle patchwork tote. I dare say it turned out really cute. I made it for my shop though it is tempting to want to keep it just to make shopping or library venturing more fun!

I was also naughty. I placed an online fabric order. My mind is contemplating various creative projects while I sit at my office desk all day. Alexander Henry has outdone himself this time with the chickens and apples. Just in time for fall!
Over the weekend I got bit by the baking bug. On the Monday labor day holiday I decided to whip up some cupcakes from the Martha cupcake book. These are the roasted banana cucpakes with cinnamon vanilla buttercream. They are delish! I didn't roast the bananas however, and I only used 1 banana because that's all I had. So the banana flavor is mild, yet still yummy. The recipe calls for 3 bananas, plus more for garnish. Perhaps I'll try that next time!

I've officially gotten bit by the bread making bug! This is my second loaf of Amish White Bread and it may very well be the best white bread I've. Ever. Tasted. Ever. Sorry, store bought bread. I'm ending our relationship now in favor of some homemade goodness. I cut the recipe in half so as to only make 1 loaf. Slather on some Bonne Maman and you've got yourself a slice of heaven on a plate!

What did you do or make over the Labor Day weekend?

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