Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Birthday, Kitty, Alice Adams...

Not necessarily in that order! 

I've been playing with these sweet prints, among others. I was bit by the Great Granny Square bug on Lori Holt's blog Bee in My Bonnet.  As much as I tried to resist, I couldn't! I know I have no business starting a new project at the moment with all my WIP's, plus the desire to start making Christmas goodies.  Yes, I said it. Christmas.  I see in blogland that many have already whipped up some adorable Christmas goodness.  A few years back I got started on Christmas sewing early, and it was such a relief to be finished with my holiday sewing by October/November.  Tell me, have you started on your Christmas sewing?

 While perusing google images I found this super sweet vintage kitty clip art.  Source

So charming! Of course finding said clip art sent me into an immediate search on Etsy for some vintage cat postcards to add to my collection. I found two I liked enough to purchase. What did we do before Etsy???

Recently I saw the movie Alice Adams for the first time. LOVE! Why did I not see it sooner?? Katherine Hepburn is absolutely stunning in this movie, and her role as Alice Adams is so well played. I'm not going to lie, I even cried a *little* because parts of the film are just that moving. If you have the chance, and you like vintage films, check it out. I caught it on TCM.  I found this original still online and new I had to have it.

Last week was my birthday.  One week ago exactly. My sweet auntie who lives across the pond, made me this super darling personalized, covered tape measure.  Love.   It appears she took a piece of vintage linen and embroidered my name on it, and then used it to cover the tape measure.  A sweet satin bow compliments it nicely.  If you feel so inclined, I know she sells her covered tape measures in her shop!
Thank you auntie! xx

Enjoy your week! 


vintage grey said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sweet tape measure from your aunt!! I need to start some Christmas sewing! Hopefully soon! xo Heather

Kimberly said...

Hi Laura! Lovely blog, I love your kitties! I just popped by to let you know that you're the winner of Cheryl Wall's book, "At Home With Country Quilts"!!! YAY!!! I've emailed Cheryl to let her know and if you could let her know your mailing address, she'll have your book on its way soon. Thanks so much, Kimberly

Here's her email,