Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday is a Day for Dreaming

I often daydream on Mondays about the creative time I just had over the weekend, and of course, the upcoming creative time in 5 short (or long) days! Seriously, what helps get me through Mondays is the idea that after Monday there are only 4 more days till my time is my time again.

The weekend was good to me. I took my time, caught up on sleep, and did some sewing. I finished up a couple projects. The first is a patchwork tote incorporating some hand embroidery on a white linen square. I had already cut out dozens o f 6 1/4 inch squares to use in my upcoming flying geese quilt. I decided to cut an extra handful for use in this tote. I had had this idea floating in my head for some time. Here it is:
And a close up of the embroidery:

Second on the finished project list is a table topper. Could be called a runner I suppose but it's on the small side. Only about 8 1/2 inches by 20 inches. I pieced the front from fabrics in my stash and sort of made it up as I went along. I like that method; making it up as I go along. This is how I create most things. Unless I'm sewing clothing which I tend to do strictly by the pattern.

I've been having fun sewing dog capes too! I tried out some hand embroidery on this little number too. Here's Lola serving as the model:
Every doggie dreams of going to Paris, right?

All items will be listed in the shop this week. Have a good week peeps!

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